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The fact that some of the world's best wines today come from Italy is hardly acknowledged by some Francophile wine connoisseurs. If one deals with high-quality wines from Italy - one will be amazed, because not only Tuscany and Piedmont have some treasures to offer, but also, for example, Sicily, Sardinia and Puglia have clearly caught up in recent decades. They may not yet be as well known as the Super Tuscans Tignanello, Sassicaia, Ornellaia or Masseto - but still deserve a chapeau.
Once again, Ornellaia's artist labels are noteworthy - the 2012 Ornellaia Vendemmia d'Artista Special Edition Bolgheri DOC Superiore is such a special wine that you can currently find in our store.
Every year, Ornellaia commissions a renowned artist to interpret the specific vintage character of each harvest and design a label for it. These labels are strictly limited to mostly 111 bottles - thus an absolute rarity. The bottles are loved by wine and art collectors, and some of them are auctioned off for good causes - in this case to support artists. Great project and great idea we think!

Italy has a variety of grape varieties, climatic conditions, soil types and wine styles to offer and that's what makes the category of Italian wines so interesting. Classic areas like Tuscany and Piedmont are starting with excellent conditions. Traditional winemaking families are numerous there, and the younger generation can combine modern cellar techniques with traditional ones in some cases and bring excellent wines to the market. One of the most important wines from Piedmont is the Barolo and Barbaresco, where we currently have a nice matured selection in our store. Let yourself be enchanted by these matured rarities and dive into the world of Piedmont.

With the Nada Fiorenzo 2003 Rombone Barbaresco DOCG you have a matured wine in the glass, where you can clearly perceive the typical Nebbiolo notes. The more mature, the better these wines are, because the Nebbiolo grape has a high tannin content - which has a positive effect on the aging potential and seems rather harsh when drunk young. That is why it is a very nice opportunity to taste a matured Nebbiolo from our range.

A producer like Elio Grasso knows his craft and works at a top level. With his 1994 Barolo DOCG you have a special opportunity to taste this Barolo rarity.
Matured Barolo and other Italian rarities in our store - enjoy a very special variety and be enchanted to Italy.

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