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Overseas wines are particularly interesting because, on the one hand, they can bring with them a completely different variety of tastes and, on the other hand, they can also sometimes be very similar to wines from Europe or from the classic wine-growing regions such as France, Germany and Italy. This means that in blind tastings, wines from California sometimes perform much better than the famous Bordeaux wines from their even more famous chateaus.

California is almost unbeatable in the high-price wine segment

Take California, for example, with their full-bodied wines that can be both complex and lean and straightforward. The climatic conditions are very very good, with a lot of sun and at the same time coolness (for acid formation) and a lot of wind (reduces fungal diseases in the vineyard).

In Germany, high-quality Californians are not easy to get in every wine shop. In addition, producers such as Robert Mondavi produce completely different wines for Europe than for Germany itself. This is also due to the fact that much more money is spent per bottle of wine in the USA. Accordingly, completely different products are produced for the USA itself than the wines that are exported.

Fortunately, we were able to make a purchase of high-quality Californian rarities. It is very exciting to see with what concentration and unbelievably great depth of flavour these wines present themselves. They are also incredibly long-lasting - especially the Chardonnays. To be able to drink matured Californians is an incredible enrichment for wine knowledge and great fun. A very special wine was the Viader by Delia Viader (wife of Tim Mondavi) - her wine was a Bordeaux blend also of the classic grape varieties Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc and was incredibly smooth, powerful and elegant. We had the pleasure of drinking a 22-year-old Viader - a very special experience and this wine was sold out in our shop in no time. Currently we still have a few bottles of our matured Californians - a real pleasure.

Australia is famous for its Grange by Penfolds

Overseas wines from Australia are usually quite different in style. Due to the climatic conditions alone - a lot of heat, little water - the wines have high alcohol levels very quickly. The wines are often more concentrated, more complex in their nature and also tend to have more sugar content, which you don't necessarily have to taste.

In Australia, too, there are some very high-quality and above all long-lived wines to mention, such as the Grange from Penfolds. These wines are very long-lived and only develop their full potential with many decades. The wines are extremely expensive - bottle prices for current vintages are over 600 euros a bottle. In our purchases, we sometimes have a matured Grange - these do not end up in the shop, but have their lovers directly.

We have created the possibility for wine lovers to contact us if they are looking for a special wine. You can also contact us directly at info@wine-trader.de if you are looking for a special wine.

High quality wines from South Africa

South Africa is also an El Dorado for excellent wines - currently we have the Columella, a very high-quality cuvée of Syrah and Mourvèdre.

Columella - this wine stands for the story of Eben Sadie, a visionary and pioneer! In 1999 this wine was bottled for the first time and since then it is still THE WINE and is titled as a masterpiece. The wine can age extremely well! With its elegance and coolness and is not a fruit bomb and appears complex, powerful and profound.

Only a few bottles from a purchase are currently available in our shop - so if you are a lover of this wine, buy it now!

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