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Kalifornische Weine aus dem Napa Valley bei uns im Shop!

Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon...

These grape varieties are found especially in Napa Valley! Top wineries cultivate these international grape varieties in a great variety. 

Napa Valley benefits from special climatic conditions. Sun, warmth and at the same time cooling influences let the grapes ripen and prosper optimally.

Further influence is an American mountain range or 2 American mountain ranges - the Mayacamas Mountains in the west and the Vaca Mountains in the east.

Top Californian wineries are giving the French a hard time!

Consumers are welcome to pay attention to the Californian wine world and understand the enthusiasm of California fans... especially matured and high-quality wines from California are long-lasting and very complex in taste and inspire wine fans!

California, with its top wineries and a wide variety of different wines, both white and red, is way ahead in the rankings.

In blind tastings, California wines regularly outperform French wineries. Let's take up the question of the most expensive wine in the U.S. or the world... Here's the truth:

Top French wineries such as Chateau Margaux, Chateau Cheval Blanc, Chateau Petrus or Château Mouton - Rothschild are actually outranked by top Californian wineries! There would be first, the Screaming Eagle 1992 Cabernet, which was auctioned for $ 500,000 at a charity event, and secondly - with an absolutely top price of $ 1 million - the most expensive wine from California, from the Napa Valley from the winery The Setting. This six-liter bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon Glass Slipper Vineyard was auctioned off for $1 million.

Our current offers of Californian wine

So is the best wine in the world in California?

Do some top French wineries feel compelled to do something?

Let's take the French top winemaker Baron Philippe de Rothschild: One of the very great French producers and visionaries has joined forces with the competition and created a cult wine.

With Opus One - Baron Philippe de Rothschild and Robert Mondavi had the vision at the time to produce a perfect red wine. The union between 2 worlds these two visionaries wanted to create. Robert Mondavi from the New World with unlimited possibilities and the Baron from the classic Bordeaux world with unlimited wine knowledge from a family steeped in history. Bordeaux style with all the advantages of a modern New World - in terms of climate, winery (was rebuilt by architect Scott Johnson) and knowledge.

Wines produced according to the famous Bordeaux style are aged in French barriques. The times of retention vary between 15 and 25 months. The first Opus One wines, with vintages in 1979, 1980 and 1984, were available only for the American market. Then, from 1988 this cult wine was also exported and was the absolute hype! In the meantime, he is world famous and was also highly rated and praised by the very great wine critics such as Robert Parker, James Suckling, etc..

But this question is quite justified, because climatically alone California - especially the Napa Valley giant - holds advantages. The French top producer Baron de Rothschild has also recognized this and 19 founded a joint venture with the Californian top producer Robert Mondavi. With the Opus One - we have to do with a top product - which is already world famous for decades.

But where can you buy Californian wines here in Germany?

There are a few suppliers on the German market, but to find matured Californian wines in a very good quality is difficult.

In our assortment we have Californian wines, which come from a private wine collection of a wine merchant, which we could buy in a very good condition.

There are top wineries like Caymus Vineyards, Ramay, Rochioli, Delia Viader (wife of Tim Mondavi), Duckhorn Vineyards, Carmenet Winery, Merryvale Vineyards and many more matured California wines in our store.

The advantage of our California aged wines that you will find in our store is that you will have the full drinking pleasure - and no need to invest more time in storage. These wines are great fun to drink right now and are in perfect drinking condition. Aged wines need special handling so that the taste can fully develop. How do I handle aged wines please read in the article aged wines.

Typical notes such as cassis, herbs, balsamic notes, dark chocolate can also be found in a California Cabernet Sauvignon. Aged predominantly in wood barrels, the wine still gets nice toasty and light wood notes, sometimes reminiscent of vanilla. Moderate and fine wood aging is predominantly found in these wines. The wines are extract-rich, straightforward and lean and have a depth that can be found predominantly only in very expensive red wines. Expensive then means that you would have to pay much more than just 99.- euros for comparable qualities, such as the Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon.

Then there is the example of Californian Chardonnays, with an incredible variety of flavors: toasted notes, honey notes, fine acidity and still very nice freshness. With a matured Chardonnay, in the quality of a world-renowned top winery like Rochioli - to pay 30.- Euro per bottle - Chapeau, that is a sensation!

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