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Our treasure chamber opens for you and we always have very special bottles on offer here! The term treasury comes from the wineries - some of which actually have a treasury. There, a number of bottles are set aside per vintage, so that even decades later, you can still taste these wines. Many wineries have very magnificent treasuries, decorated with a wrought-iron gate and gold lettering. Our treasury is filled with wine rarities from all over the world. It is up to us which wines we consider to be top rarities. This does not necessarily have anything to do with the price - but generally with the availability. Where can you still find a Vega Sicilia 1981? For example, it was just in our treasure trove and has now found a new wine lover. We also like to put nice matured Rieslings (Grosse Gewächse) in our treasure trove again and again - with pleasure also the treasures from the Mosel. The Mosel is internationally known for famous Rieslings, which are praised and appreciated all over the world! Have fun marveling and rummaging in our treasure chamber, which is always filled with new treasures!

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