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Under Big Bottles we offer all bottles that have more than 0.75 liters. The double quantity, a wine bottle with 1.5 liters is called magnum bottle. There is also the double magnum, with 3 liters. Other sizes are, for example, the Jeroboam, Methuselah, Imperiale, Salmanazar, Balthazar - but most Big Bottles are magnums and double magnums and can be found in our store. Big Bottles are also a special pleasure for the winemakers. They usually fill only from their very special wines, large formats. The advantage of Big Bottles is the slower aging of the wine - the bigger the bottle, the slower and more gently this wine ages. At the same time, the wine is better protected from light because the magnum bottles are slightly thicker. So the wines from the magnum bottles are always a bit higher quality and a very special pleasure. It is not for nothing that Big Bottle parties are extremely popular - because the enjoyment of such wines is partly a unique experience! In addition, the magnum bottles are also a very special gift, because that is really times an eye-catcher! Magnum bottles, double magnums and also larger formats can be found in our store!

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