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With our new releases, there are always exciting things to discover.... There is never a dull moment at Wine Trader, because exciting wines are always coming to us. From one day to the next, they can be there and then a part is put in the store. So check in with us every now and then to see what's new. If you always want to be up to date, you can also subscribe to our newsletter. Either directly on our store page or with an email to info@wine-trader.de you can get information, ask questions or express wishes, if you are looking for a certain wine. Sometimes a great offer comes in all of a sudden and we have an extensive cellar clearance and again a lot of different wines to choose from. We are most happy about high quality matured wines - because they are like treasures. Especially when they are in such good condition as we often find them. Have fun browsing, discovering and finding and above all enjoy a wonderful wine.

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