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Growing regions: Piedmont

Famous region in Italy is and remains Piedmont.

To Piedmont immediately comes to mind Barolo, Barbaresco, Spumante d`Asti and special white wines. Famous white wine was for a long time the Gavi di Gavi from the grape Cortese - but there were also many that have only adorned themselves with this famous name; very large quality differences were noted. Another white wine variety would be the Arneis - Roero Arneis the name and at the same time also the DOCG.

Roero Arneis is a classic white wine from Piedmont.

So as an aperitif wine it could be an easy drinking Roero Arneis. With its delicate scent of white flowers, light citrus note and fresh fruity note of peach and melon, it is a perfect aperitif wine. It "screams" for small appetizers with fish such as pulpo or fresh goat cheese. Well chilled, also for the summer as a terrace wine a pleasure!

In addition to the listed grape varieties, there are also the lighter everyday wines from the grape variety Dolcetto and Barbera. Whereas light is to be put in quotation marks, because if you drink a Barbera d`Asti from Braida (Bricco dell`Uccellone), you can taste how this winery has revolutionized the Barbera!

There is a very nice Dolcetto from Ettore Germano and here you can fully get into the matter of Piedmont. The wine has bite, a nice sour cherry note and animating tannins. With its fine violet hue on the nose, it is already somewhat reminiscent of Nebbiolo. A bit of thinly sliced bacon would go great with this.

The Nebbiolo grape is very versatile. Some winemakers, such as Giorgio Pelissero, make it drinkable quickly, as Barolo should actually be cellared for a long time to develop its unique diversity. In any case, "simpler" Nebbiolo are a lot of fun, provided you like it when the wines tannin emphasized and somewhat edgy. An absolute "must" as a highlight is a Barolo from Aldo

Conterno - no one comes close to these strong character wines so quickly. They can be stored for a very long time (40 years and more) and the tannin variety becomes more interesting the older the wine is.

The Nebbiolo surprises with its typical, slightly brownish and somewhat light color. One suspects a lighter wine - but is quickly convinced otherwise. Its fragrance is reminiscent of violets and dog roses, a bit also of plum and cinnamon. It has a balsamic quality and a lot of depth on the palate. The Barolo is incredibly long on the finish and the racy tannins leave a wonderful dance on the palate. You don't want to eat anything with some Barolos because it reduces the intensity of this wonderful flavor. It goes very well with a roast veal or a very creamy risotto with chanterelles.

Another world famous winemaker from Piedmont and his wines are those of Giorgio Rivetti (La Spinetta). One may bow very low to his Barbaresco and Barolo and to his Moscato as well. Giorgio Rivetti says the following about Nebbiolo, which he calls the best grape variety in the world: " Once you fall in love with it, it won't let you go!"

One could list other winemakers and not stop - absolutely worth mentioning are the wines of Giorgio Pelissero, because they are incredibly elegant. With his Barbera you can experience an incredible variety of fruit. The rich, ruby color immediately convinces, the scent of blackberries and dark cherries beguiles and on the palate we taste earthy, smoky and also fine vanilla notes. The wine was in large wooden barrels and barrique and convinces with its power! Its present tannin can be a lot of fun with something fat like a goose.

Moscato d`Asti - is available in very sophisticated qualities from Rivetti and Braida

A very nice end of a meal or a wine tasting can be the Moscato d`Asti from Rivetti, for example, can be a very nice end to a meal or wine tasting. It cleanses the mouth after all the strong tannins and wine impressions and it feels like a refreshment for the palate and the taste buds.

With its straw yellow color and light greenish highlights, as well as a nice mousse-like perlage, it is very appealing for a dessert wine. On the nose, it captivates with orange - and acacia notes. In the mouth it feels creamy and pleasantly sweet. It refreshes the taste buds and also goes very well with a strawberry dessert or the famous panettone!

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